A Little Bit Flintstones & Contentment – Modest Fashion Moment


Flintstones Dress 6

Monday’s posts will probably be a re-cap of Sunday’s church outfit because I dress like a total bum the rest of the week it is convenient to snap some photos and share. This Sunday I was in a pinch for time (yep, typical me). So, this is what I came up with. I’m not sure why, but the pattern of this dress looks a little prehistoric to me. It has a bit of a Flintstones vibe (I’m showing my age with that reference *face palm*), but I love it anyway. I purchased it on sale at Ross a couple of years ago, and it has been a consistent go-to for me. The pattern is an amazing camouflage for the bits you want to keep hidden. While the pattern is bold, the color is neutral enough for a scaredy-cat reserved person like me. The dress had a skinny belt which I replaced with a wider stretchy belt from Kohl’s (also a few years old). The dress comes past the knee, but I still like to add an extra skirt underneath for added length. Some may call this length “awkward”, but it makes me feel more secure while sitting and kneeling, so I am comfortable with that. Being completely at ease in what I am wearing is really important to me when choosing an outfit for service (or any other event). I don’t want my outfit distracting me from my purpose.

Flintstone Dress 1

It was a “beautiful rainy day” (like my nephew used to say when he was a toddler) so I threw on this Kenneth Cole stretchy faux leather jacket to keep dry. I purchased it at Sam’s Club of all places! I love it and it probably wear it way too much.

Flintstones Dress 4


I usually wear a handbag repeatedly for at least a week. This has been my trusty keeper of all the things I probably don’t need of my absolute necessities for the last few weeks days. It was a Canal street purchase, as are most of my bags.

Flintstones Dress 3


I like to wear this dress multiple ways (because I’m cheap frugal). I tucked the dress in the skirt I was wearing underneath for a different look.

Flintstones Dress 8

Flintstones Dress 7


Flintstones Dress 5


Being comfortable in your own skin is a life long journey for some. However, resting in the knowledge of who you are in Christ, helps speed the process along. Our bodies are constantly changing and will always be until we leave this earth behind. Whether you are becoming a woman, expecting a baby, experiencing weight loss/gain, or moving on the next season of the aging process, you can always be comfortable with where you are. Paul said to the Philippian Church that he learned to be content in whatsoever state he was in. (Phil4:11) I know Paul wasn’t referring to a dress size, but I believe this teaching has many applications.  1Timothy 6 also mentions being content with what we have. We all go through times when we don’t feel the best about ourselves, but we can overcome those moments and grow in understanding. Are there any insecurities you are struggling with? Tell God about all of them. You may think He has better things to do than listen to you share your struggles with your appearance, your personality or shortcomings, but He is definitely interested. His eye is on the sparrow, and each one of your hairs are numbered. He will be there to listen, and He will assure you of your divine beauty and purpose. You are beautifully and wonderfully made!


Flintstones Dress 2


God bless you!!!




Jacket-Sam’s Club

Glasses- Zenni Optical

Watch-NYC street vendor

Handbag-NYC street vendor

Shoes-Jessica Simpson via Goodwill

Skirt-vintage Express



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