Brown/White Stripes & Making it Work – Modest Fashion Moment


Brown and White Stripes 4


It is finally getting and staying warm outside! I claim the staying warm part in faith.  I said that with an exclamation, but I usually find that dressing for Spring and Summer has many more difficulties for the modest woman than piling on the clothes in the Fall and Winter months. Ross is one of my favorite stores for dress shopping. They have an annual dress sale, which is like hitting the lottery for someone whose wardrobe is exclusively dresses and skirts. The down side is, many of the dresses are too short, sleeveless, or cut too low in the top. (This dress is all of the above for me.) However, I have learned that with a little bit of effort, you can make it weerrrrkk work.


Brown and White Stripes 2


I  bought this dress at a Ross sale a few years back. It has held up nicely. I threw a belt over the waist band. I like that the waist band has horizontal stripes because it gives the illusion of a smaller waist. That is NEVER a bad thing in my book. Can I get an amen? I threw my hair up in a top knot and added a scarf to make it appear that I tried give it a dressier look. Finally, I added this oversized clutch by NineWest that I also purchased from Ross ages ago.


Brown and White Stripes 3


In order for me to feel comfortable in this dress, I added a long sleeve white tee and an extra skirt underneath. The asymmetrical cut of the hem makes it a little too short on one side and higher in the back than in the front. Adding these basic pieces made this dress a little more modest and wearable for me.


Brown and White Stripes 5


Brown and White Stripes


Modesty is an achievable goal for anyone. Whether your limitations come from your budget, your size, your location, or the selection of clothing available, you can overcome them and create an outfit that you feel comfortable in. What are some of the obstacles you’ve faced? How have you coped with them? True beauty lies within a heart that seeks to please God. If your heart is set on holiness, He has already beautified you!


Brown and White Stripes 6





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