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I’ve Got You Covered- Staying Modest Without a Sewing Machine

I've Got You Covered


Hello there!!!  It has been raining for about a week.  The sun finally came out today and it was absolutely gorgeous outside.  I took advantage of the sunshine by going running shopping. As I was wandering around the thrift store, this older woman approached me to ask me what I thought of the skirt she picked out.  I told her it was beautiful (of course).  She told me that it would need some stitching but that she could make it work.  To which I replied, “I wish I could sew.  If I can’t pin it, I don’t buy it”.

Basic Black With a Blazer & Our Vision vs. God’s Vision – Modest Fashion Moment

MFM5  1



This Sunday was so rainy!  It rained for hours on end and there was very little light outside (hence the terrible exposure on these photos).  I did manage to salvage a few of them.  Black is hands down my favorite shade to wear.  It is easy accessorize and absolutely fool-proof.  I would wear black everyday if I could. But because I no longer live in New York City and I don’t want people to assume I’m in constant mourning, I try to liven it up sometimes. 

Thrifty Boho – Modest Fashion Moment


Do you ever look into your closet that is packed with clothes and think, “I have nothing to wear!”?  Even though we know it’s not true, sometimes putting together an outfit can feel like a daunting task.  It doesn’t have to be.  Finding one piece and building around it is an easy way to put together an outfit without giving your self a nervous breakdown.

Bright Stripes & God’s Armor – Modest Fashion Moment



Things just keep getting brighter and brighter around here!  It seems as though the change in temperature has brought about a change in my color choices.  When it’s hot out side, the most comfortable thing for me to wear is the beloved maxi-dress.  

Brown/White Stripes & Making it Work – Modest Fashion Moment


Brown and White Stripes 4


It is finally getting and staying warm outside! I claim the staying warm part in faith.  I said that with an exclamation, but I usually find that dressing for Spring and Summer has many more difficulties for the modest woman than piling on the clothes in the Fall and Winter months. Ross is one of my favorite stores for dress shopping. They have an annual dress sale, which is like hitting the lottery for someone whose wardrobe is exclusively dresses and skirts. The down side is, many of the dresses are too short, sleeveless, or cut too low in the top. (This dress is all of the above for me.) However, I have learned that with a little bit of effort, you can make it weerrrrkk work.

A Little Bit Flintstones & Contentment – Modest Fashion Moment


Flintstones Dress 6

Monday’s posts will probably be a re-cap of Sunday’s church outfit because I dress like a total bum the rest of the week it is convenient to snap some photos and share. This Sunday I was in a pinch for time (yep, typical me). So, this is what I came up with. I’m not sure why, but the pattern of this dress looks a little prehistoric to me. It has a bit of a Flintstones vibe (I’m showing my age with that reference *face palm*), but I love it anyway.

Pinstripes & Polka Dots – Modest Fashion Moment



Polka Dots3


I tend to use the same items of clothing multiple times in as many ways as possible. You will see many of the pieces repeated in upcoming posts. I don’t believe you have to break the bank or your brain to put together a modest outfit that you can feel good about. I try to make the best of what I have. I am not always the most brave or adventurous person, especially when it comes to patterns. However, I thought I’d mix these two patterns in a safe way by staying in the same color family. (okay, okay, so maybe I’m not brave at all…but baby steps are still steps right?)

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