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Daily devotional books have been an absolute blessing to my walk with God. Have you ever had a day when you open the Bible and you didn’t know what to read?  I have had plenty of days like that.  The solution for me has been reading a daily devotional book.  These are just two of my personal favorites.


I can’t remember exactly when I discovered these awesome books, but I do know that they have been a tremendous blessing to me.  There have been days where I felt at a complete loss and I cracked open one of these books to find the reading for the day was exactly what I needed to hear.  For that reason, I prefer devotional books with the date attached to each passage.


These two, in particular, have been stand outs among other devotionals I’ve owned.  They are both very clear and concise.  I love that there are bible verses attached to each day so I can open my bible and continue reading on the subject.  Streams in the Desert is a collective devotional has poems and stories from various authors to go along with many of the scriptures and is written from the author’s perspective.  Jesus Calling, on the other hand is written from God’s perspective, but also has scriptural references to go along with each day’s reading.




I love the hard copies because I am one of the cavewomen few people who still enjoy reading physical copies of books as opposed to digital copies.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the digital books and tend use them more often than physical copies.  But every once in a while, I enjoy holding a good book and flipping those pages manually. I love the feel and smell of books.  Is that weird?   Okay. Moving on.


I happen to have both of these books in app form on my iPad and iPhone and they are wonderfully easy to use and read.  I paid $9.99 for the Jesus Calling and $3.99 for Streams in the Desert. Streams in the Desert has two full versions.  They look a little different and vary in writing style, but the content is the same.


iPad Bible Apps

Jesus Calling full app

Jesus Calling App



Streams in the Desert Devotional full app

Streams in the Desert app



Streams Daily Devotional full app

Streams Lite




It is vital to read the word of God daily.  To grow spiritually, we must feed our spiritual man.  Time devoted to focusing on God and his word is just as, if not more, important as meal time.


But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. Matthew 4:4



iPhone Jesus Calling App


Devotional books make great gifts.  I have purchased several copies of Jesus Calling and given them to friends and family.  It is always a hit.  For those of us on tight budgets, each of these apps has a “Lite” version that can be downloaded for free.  That’s always the best price for me!

Jesus Calling Lite

Streams in the Desert Lite


What are some of your favorite devotional books and apps?



God bless you!!


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