I’ve Got You Covered- Staying Modest Without a Sewing Machine

I've Got You Covered


Hello there!!!  It has been raining for about a week.  The sun finally came out today and it was absolutely gorgeous outside.  I took advantage of the sunshine by going running shopping. As I was wandering around the thrift store, this older woman approached me to ask me what I thought of the skirt she picked out.  I told her it was beautiful (of course).  She told me that it would need some stitching but that she could make it work.  To which I replied, “I wish I could sew.  If I can’t pin it, I don’t buy it”.  It is a sad but true story ladies and gentlemen. I am definitely not good with a needle and thread. The thrift store is a treasure chest for those are blessed enough to know how to sew.  People like me however, just have to improvise.  So, today I want to share with you a handful of tips to help you stay modest, if alterations are not your thing.


Tip # 1 Add a skirt extender.

Oh the feeling of finding a cute skirt or dress in an amazing color that is just your size, only to find it is way too short and fails the seated knee test (we will talk about that in a later post).  It can be devastating.  That is, unless you have one of these:

Skirt Extender


*via Pinterest*

A skirt extender is a slip worn underneath a skirt or dress to elongate the hemline. Also, if a skirt or dress is too sheer, wearing a regular slip underneath will solve that problem.    This one is from Apostolic Clothing Company.  If you are like me, and are on a budget, you can just wear two skirts or add a skirt beneath your dress.

Flintstones Dress 6




Tip#2 Wear your tank-top backwards.

I wear a tank-top every day, no matter what.  Usually, your tank top will have a low-cut side and a high cut side.  Most of the time the low-cut side is front.  If your tank-top or cami has a tag, remove it and wear the high-cut side as the front.  It is a simple trick that will add a few more inches of material to your neck line.


tank top


*via Pinterest*

Something that I have found helpful is buying tank-tops with adjustable straps.  I prefer these because you can adjust the neck line to your liking.

two tank tops

*via Walmart.com*

Tip#3 Pin it to win it.

I am a huge fan of safety pins.  I usually have one attached to my key chain.  I have closed up many a split with safety pins. Let me know if you would like to see a tutorial! It is not the neatest way to close a split, but it works.  I also use them to pin my shirts and my tank tops up if the neck line is too low.  Safety pins are your friend.

I've Got You Covered 2

Tip#4 Add a long-sleeved shirt.

If you need extra sleeve length, layering is the way to go.  Plain quarter length or long-sleeved shirts are a must have for me.

Brown and White Stripes 2

Tip#5 Add a jacket or cardigan.

Finding dresses and tops is easy.  Finding dresses and tops with sleeves is another story. Jackets are cardigans are a staple in my wardrobe.  They make it possible to wear almost anything.  They are also useful for hiding parts of your figure that you don’t want exposed.


What are some ways that you alter your clothing to make it wearable?

I pray that you found this helpful! Remember, you don’t have to show off your body to be beautiful.  You are beautiful because of what radiates from inside of you.  When the Lord is shining through your life, there is nothing more beautiful than that.  You are gorgeous because He has beautified you.  God bless you!

So much love,


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