Spring Makeover for the Modest Budget

Spring Facelift featured image

Put on your work clothes, and roll up your sleeves! It’s time for a little spring cleaning (or maybe just a little sprucing up). Here is how I used 7 items to give a sleepy, winter-worn living room a much-needed mini-facelift without breaking open the piggy bank.

A Little Bit Flintstones & Contentment – Modest Fashion Moment


Flintstones Dress 6

Monday’s posts will probably be a re-cap of Sunday’s church outfit because I dress like a total bum the rest of the week it is convenient to snap some photos and share. This Sunday I was in a pinch for time (yep, typical me). So, this is what I came up with. I’m not sure why, but the pattern of this dress looks a little prehistoric to me. It has a bit of a Flintstones vibe (I’m showing my age with that reference *face palm*), but I love it anyway.

Pinstripes & Polka Dots – Modest Fashion Moment



Polka Dots3


I tend to use the same items of clothing multiple times in as many ways as possible. You will see many of the pieces repeated in upcoming posts. I don’t believe you have to break the bank or your brain to put together a modest outfit that you can feel good about. I try to make the best of what I have. I am not always the most brave or adventurous person, especially when it comes to patterns. However, I thought I’d mix these two patterns in a safe way by staying in the same color family. (okay, okay, so maybe I’m not brave at all…but baby steps are still steps right?)

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