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This week, my favorite things are a little bit varied.  As the weather gets more and more like the middle of Death Valley  warmer and warmer, I find that I need to really pay attention to my skin.  Even more important than my skin,  with all the warm weather distractions, I need to take care of my spirit. These are a few of my essentials.

Warm weather can really dry out the skin.  So my first skin care essential is my homemade shea butter cream.

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Just a small amount of this cream keeps my skin soft and locks in moisture.  I have a video on how I prepare this cream.  It is super simple.  You should give it a try.  You will not regret it.

Another essential for me, now, more than ever, is sunscreen.  When my skin is exposed to the sun for anymore than a few minutes, I develop a heat rash and it is extremely uncomfortable.  I have found that by adding a sunscreen to my skin care regimen helps to prevent a rash from ever developing.  It has been a total life-saver for me.

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I have tried numerous brands of sunscreen, but this is my absolute favorite.  It is light on your skin, and the scent is very much that of a sunscreen, but doesn’t linger long and leaves the skin smelling fresh.  I bought this sunscreen at Wal-Mart in a twin pack, which is awesome.  I have one for my bathroom counter and one for my purse.

Now, for how I keep my mind and spirit on the right track.  I love to read in my spare time.  I purchase most of my books from Goodwill for a little more than a dollar a piece. This week I finished two books that I really enjoyed.


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The first book is When You Don’t See His Plan by Nadine Hennesey and Rebecca Baker.  This books is the testimony of Nadine Hennesey about her time serving in missions and some of the difficulties she faced all throughout her life and walk with God.  It is a very honest account of how God works all things for our good.  I love this book because the authors do not sugar coat any of Nadine’s experiences. I find that the best books are the most candid accounts, because the Bible doesn’t not leave out the trials and tribulations of humanity and that’s what makes it relatable.


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Last but not least, I read It’s Better to Build Boys Than to Mend Men by Truett Cathy.  It is an extremely short read.  I finished in about an hour.  This books is just full of practical advice, not just for those with children, but for anyone who has children in their lives in any capacity.  Treat Cathy shares some of his experiences as a child and as a Sunday school teacher as well as some experiences of those who have been a part of various group homes.  This book is an absolute blessing and full of wisdom and good life lessons, so even if you don’t even know any children, this book is still a good read.

What are some of your favorite skin care products?  How do you keep your mind focused in the warm weather with all its distractions?


You are amazing. God made you that way. Don’t ever forget that.


God bless you!


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