Tragedy of a Wounded Spirit

Tragedy of a Wounded Spirit


Hello Lovlies!  Today’s favorite thing is a sermon that has blessed me very much.  I am a certified sermon junkie lover. I love to watch videos of sermons, listen to podcasts sermons, and of course, hear live sermons.  Youtube is like a treasure chest of sermons.  This week I want to highlight one in particular.  

This is a video of Bro. David Shatwell preaching on the Tragedy of a Wounded Spirit.  The Lord led me to watch this video at a very pivotal time in my life.  It was a tremendous blessing and it transformed my mind and my spirit in a way I have never experienced.

When you are part of God’s army, you will at some point receive spiritual wounds.  You may have received wounds long before you ever became a believer.  There are parts of our past that, if not dealt with effectively, can become a poison that slowly eats away at our spirit.  A lot of times we don’t even realize how much the hurts of the past affect the way we act, feel, and think in the present.  It’s like having a garden full of contaminated soil.  You can plant seeds and give them the best care possible, but if the soil is bad, nothing will grow properly.  This is what happens when we have unhealed wounds in our lives.

God can clean up the soil of our hearts and give us good fertile ground to cultivate all of the blessings He has prepared for us.  I pray that this video is as much of a blessing to you as it was to me.  Bro. Shatwell has blessed many churches with this messages.  There are many versions of this online.  This just happens to be the one I watched.

God bless you so much!!! Have an awesome weekend!!!


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