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Hello there! My name is DM, and I am the voice behind

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I created this blog with the hopes that it would be an encouragement to others (and myself).  Because of the conditions of this world, at times, we can feel like Elijah felt when he told God, “I have zealously served the Lord God Almighty….I am the only one left” (1Kings 19 NLT).  We know that wasn’t true for Elijah and neither is it true for us.  Living for God whole-heartedly and expressing His holiness through lifestyle and clothing choices is no longer the norm for our society.  Because of that, many of our people, young, old, male and female are feeling more and more isolated.   It is my belief, that as a body, we should edify and support one another, encouraging and emboldening one another to walk in the Spirit with full godly confidence.   I believe that our women and young girls, especially, need to be strengthened in their God-esteem (because self-esteem can let us down), and I pray that in some way, this blog will be a part of that.


I believe that modesty is an issue of the heart!  Seek the Lord first, and He will guide you into holiness. <3


Quick Facts:

I love the Lord with all of my heart, and He is everything to me.

I enjoy reading, and have been writing almost all of my life.

I love to find a bargain, so I have a closet full of thrifted items.

I find organizing spaces to be an effective form of therapy.

I like to keep things simple. (very very simple)

When all else fails, I wear black.

My fashion sense has multiple personalities.

I use a lot of parenthetical asides. (and I mean A LOT..tee hee)

I take a picture of the sky almost every day.

I am unapologetically apostolic (Holy Ghost filled and fire baptized in Jesus name according to Acts 2:38)




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